Friday, February 8, 2008


I am a devoted fan of Project Runway, and every season I have an automatic draw to one fabulous designer, and for the most part my draw is right on the money for the top 3 that make it to Fashion Week. This year it's plain to see that my favorite is Christian, because he is so fierce! he should have the RuPaul song "Supermodel" better work~as his soundtrack. Love it, he cracks me up, especially when he manages to stick himself in one of those Mood bags and is carried in by another designer. He may come off as arrogant, but he's young and well, his designs are good so leave him be. Unlike some of the other designers, he gets to it and comes out with these fabulous creations, while others struggle to put together a skirt. I hope he wins this season! He goes right up there with my other favorite Project Runway designer "Santino" :) ....Make it Work!

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