Friday, November 26, 2010

DIY Awesomeness

Found this fantastic DIY "Transparent Clutch" by Erica on The following are instructions for this DIY:
Photo via Honestlywtf courtesy of Vogue

STEP 1: You’ll need a clear rectangular hinged box from The Container Store, a pretty knob from Anthropologie, a pair of pliers or a wrench, a heavy duty wire cutter, a drill and a pointed drill bit. (Instructions courtesy of Honestlywtf)

Courtesy of Honestlywtf

STEP 2: You’ll start by drilling a hole at the top of the plastic box. Use a drill bit that is one size larger than the diameter of the bolt on the knob, otherwise the plastic might crack. Open the lid and slowly drill a hole in the center of the box with very light pressure. Please wear protective eyewear and use caution! You can practice by drilling a few holes into the cover of a plastic CD case. Once the hole is drilled, use wire cutters to trim about an inch off the bolt. You’ll notice that your knob comes with two sets of nuts and washers. Remove one set with your wrench or pliers.
(Instructions courtesy of Honestlywtf)

Courtesy of Honestlywtf

 STEP 3: Push the knob through the hole of the box and replace the washer and nut. Tighten.
 (Instructions courtesy of Honestlywtf)

Courtesy of Honestlywtf
 STEP 4: Voila! You’ve just made a glassy, transparent clutch – it was that easy!
(Instructions courtesy of Honestlywtf)

Courtesy of Honestlywtf

3 fashionable comments:

Anna @ IHOD said...

Thanks so much for stopping by! Now following on bloglovin'....and this DIY is going on my to do list!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you Anna for stopping by! The DIY is so fantastic, I can't wait to get started on mine :)

From Me To You said...

This is fantastic!!!! I love it.

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