Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fashion Blogger Meet Up

 Last night I was able to meet with 3 fantastic fashion bloggers from Central Florida. We met for dinner at a chic bistro, and spent the night talking about what we love most: blogging and fashion. You can check out their blogs here in the order of their pictures (each have their own unique take on fashion): Work Your Closet, J's Everyday Fashion, and Fashion--The Like. Of course that's lil ol' me at the end. Don't forget to enter the Bergdorf Goodman contest here for your chance to go to NY Fashion Week!
 Wearing: ZARA trench coat, BCBG dress, Jessica Simpson 'Dany' heels
Lace & Accessories on Work Your Closet

Lace & Accessories on  J's Everyday Fashion

Lace & Accessories on  Fashion--The Like

Accidental photo but pretty funny, this may be what the Happy Hour sign looks like for some after a few too many cocktails.

22 fashionable comments:

Fashion Agony said...

Love the accessories on each of you!


Fanny said...

lovely shots, that must be awesome meeting other bloggers! have a nice weekend x

Kristin said...

You all look absolutely gorgeous!

Kristen said...

all of you look so good! i love your shoes

Olimpia Elide said...

What a wonderful meeting!
Full of Style and Details. ;-)

Nnenna said...

I love the first picture, you ladies are so stylish!! :)

Noemi said...

Great pictures love the accessories and your shoes :)
♥ Noemi

CessOviedo said...

Hey Giselle! Just ran into your blog via Erin, love the fact we both wear same glasses, coincidence? don't think so, it's cause we're cool like that! ... Love the blog, great pictorials and outfits, going to follow you.
Wish I lived near so I could meet up some other bloggers like you, not many down here in mexico! Bad for me!

Sabrina said...

i love the Lace & Accessories on J's Everyday Fashion

its soooo pretty<3

Sophie said...

How cool to meet up with other fashion bloggers, must have been great :)

VIVIENNE said...

Sounds like you guys have a blast..

btw chic accessories

Haute and Fierce

soldoutforever said...

thanks for your comment on our blog :)

we love your blog <3

we will keep following you..


Moniek said...

Great pics, you look so fashionable and glam!

Ms. Givens said...

Wish I was there.

Alina A. said...

everyone is looking so chic!xx

Emilie said...

seems like a fun night :) I'd love to do a blogger meetup some time!! I adore your outfit btw :)


Marrisa said...

I like the watch and bracelets.

Please check out my blog and follow me!

Just a lazy morning said...

Gorgeous pics!

Belle de Couture said...

Oh, how fun! Ya'll look great! :)

Thanks for the sweet comments you leave me!!



So cool!
Thanks for your comment :)

x Laila - EnvySplendour

Tierney said...


I want to go out/wear cute clothes with you!

JK. kind of not really. You girls all look amazing. I love the jewelry pictures.

Alyssa said...

Ah yes! It was so wonderful! Thanks for taking pics.

It was so great to meet you! :)

I'm going to post these on my blog, if that's okay. I'll give you cred and post everyone's links as well.

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