Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Clare Vivier

Claire Vivier Foldover Clutch, $149
Clare Vivier Leopard Flat Clutch, $139.  Image courtesy of Seevivier

Clare Vivier Oversize Clutch, $180

Claire Vivier Foldover Clutch, $149
Claire Vivier Flat Clutch, $139 & Claire Vivier Wallet Clutch, $79. Image courtesy of Jeana Sohn
Claire Vivier Foldover Clutch, $149

Claire Vivier Oversize Clutch, $180. Image courtesy of Seevivier

22 fashionable comments:

Poison said...

beautiful bags <333

Erin Willett said...

these clutches are awesome! I'm gonna start saving my pennies :)

M said...

gorgeous bags! love the texture!
thanks for stopping by xo

And spread the word on my GIVEAWAY!! xo


Anonymous said...

Love clutches, we had a post about it to a couple days ago :)

I'm in love with the third one :)

Buy the way, we started bloglovin you :) !

xoxo the soldout girls

G said...

Adore them all!!! but especially the first one!!!

Laura J said...

These bags are amazing! The bright saturated blue and the leopard print are my faves. I am sort of a "clutch a holic" and have so many - but you can never have too many clutches right?

TT's Attic said...

Love little bags - the leopard print one is my favorite!

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Welcome to my jungle said...

I really need one of these now. They are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

- Dani

n i k a said...

the 4th one is incredible! such a great color♥

Ms.Fashionista said...

Love those clutches! The blue is especially fab.

Following you now, hope you follow back


Anonymous said...

amazing clutches!

Marie said...

I've been loooooving these bags, I can't seem to stop running into them everywhere! The oversize ones are to die for, particularly that cobalt blue-ish one...!

So What If I Like Pretty Things

Dahl said...

These are like the perfect clutches, they're so pretty and work well for their purpose too...if only the price! Ah well.

Ria said...

These are not badly priced at all. I love it! Bookmarking!

Nnenna said...

Umm, love these clutches!! One in every color please! :D

star-crossed smile

Piia said...

I want to start making bags like that! Those colours&prints are so much fun:)


Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so lovely. x hivennn p.s enter my giveaway?

Noemi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Noemi said...

These are really stylish :) as much as I love them I do need to carry a much bigger bag with me to fit all the other large stuff I have to drag along with me everywhere!
♥ Noemi

Lisa said...

They are so beautiful! I want one! :)

Michelle's Style File said...

Wow, I love these bags. Going to look them up now.


Collections said...

The leather on these clutches is amazing, love that they come in so many different colors. That leopard one is gorgeous.

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