Friday, February 11, 2011

Screen Shots: Christian Siriano Fall 2011 Collection

Sheer skirts and tops started off Siriano's Fall 2011 Collection. The 'sheer' trend will definitely continue on through Fall.

Love these trousers.

Shoes are chic, but caused a lot of trouble on the runway. A few models stumbled and one poor thing fell straight down.

Intricate details.

Love the billowy bottom of this dress.

A touch of color

Olive dresses start coming down the runway and peak my interest.

Award Show dresses coming down the runway, and I'm loving them. 

Love at first sight!

 * All images screen captured from Christian Siriano's live stream.

14 fashionable comments:

The white cabbage said...

I'm following you!

nice selection every dress is stunning !

stay in touch

ciao ave

Al said...

I love this collection!

Tabatha said...

Beautiful pictures, it seems as if the models walked out of the screen - very realistic. The dresses look lovely, too!

Thank you for your comment :-) Following back!

guccilily said...

i love the sheer, all the looks are beautiful! x


PowerFlower-x said...

beautiful dresses!
thank you so much for following me,
it makes my day :D


Venus In Virgo said...

he's a little weird and sometimes imitates other designers but I love him, got his makeup collection when it came out XOXO

julia louise said...

Lovely blog and post, dear :)
You are welcome to step by my blog<3

Kasia said...

Beautiful collection!!


Angelica Ng said...

Oh man, these are gorgeous. Love all the sheer and feminine detailing. Perfect for a romantic like me!

Anna of IHOD said...

I love his work. So much detail and gorgeous designs. Thanks for the preview!

Masoom R. Minawala said...

Im in love with all the billowy bottoms :)

24KtStyle said...

Can we die over the finale skirt! I LOVED it, would wear it all the time if I owned it. And I agree the shoes were fabulous, but dangerous, I was @ the show it was sad to see the models struggle in them!

Catherine said...

amazing! <3

Karro said...

Great collection! Keep going you nice blog :)
follow me back <3
Best wishes from Karro

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