Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Accessorize Your Life: Great Items Under $50

"Amble" iPhone 3G/3GS Capsule Case, $ 39.95
Zara, Colour Wallet, $25.90
Kirkland's, Table Lamp, $34.99
Peggy Wolf, Oh Carmen print, 8 x 10, $20
Edor, Ultramarine, $25

14 fashionable comments:

Welcome to my jungle said...

Love the lamps and the print is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing this with us!

- Dani

Chelsealauren said...

I love love love that necklace so much

FashionJazz said...

I always want the items you post on your blog :)
Happy Tuesday xx

Pretty Liar said...

All of this is amazing:) Love:*

Laura J said...

Love the I phone cases- so pretty and unique!
Hope you had a great weekend!

Sharon said...

cutee necklace :)

Ms. Givens said...

Love that print!

Forever Boho said...

WOW love these iphone cases..so pretty!

Peace & Love

Sophie - Country girl said...

love the lamps!

monsefuentes said...

Love the iPhone skins.

XX,Monse F.-

A Daily Mishmash said...

While I'm way too attached to my hello kitty iphone case (sad but true), I literally gasped when I saw the ones you posted...so gorgeous! (Maybe for when I stop acting like a 12 year old? Hmmm)

24ktstyle said...

Great picks and prices. I'm turning into a domestic diva, that yellow lamp is on the top of my list!


Noemi said...

Those cases are so cute :) and I love the simplicity of the necklace!
♥ Noemi
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Travel: http://www.brianna64-acrossthesea.blogspot.com/

Collections said...

I love the leather on those Zara wallets, they're quite gorgeous in person.

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