Monday, April 25, 2011

Trend: Friendship Bracelets

I feel as if I went to sleep and woke up in the early 90s, I have fond memories of friendship bracelets, making them, trading them, and collecting them when I was younger. I wore them around my ankle with the name of the place I had visited or stacked them up my wrist. To my joyful surprise, friendship bracelets seem to be making a comeback in bright hues to compliment the ever-so popular Spring trend. I welcome my old friends back, its time to dust off my old jewelry box and go searching for my bright and colorful friendship bracelets.
Image via Fab Sugar
Image courtesy of Jak & Jil
Image courtesy of Sincerely, Jules
Image courtesy of Sincerely, Jules
Friendship bracelet & necklace DIY courtesy of Honestly WTF
Rhinestone Friendship Bracelet, Express, $19.90
Dannijo, Friendship Bracelets, $48

Forever21, Sweet as Candy Bangles, $8.80

11 fashionable comments:

danielle said...

you're on the same wavelength as the man repeller today!

Unknown said...

Great post and loving all the bracelets!!

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. I would love to follow each other..let me know.


Anonymous said...

Like em allot! So not fussy!

Noemi said...

Did not think I would say this but they actually do look good, I guess I did not appreciate them as much back in the 90's :)
♥ Noemi
Fashion: Classy N Glamorous
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Monse Fuentes said...

amazing bracelets, love them <3

danielle said...

glad you liked the bag! and jc is the MAN! my favorite shoe designer! i've been thinking about these bracelet now allll day!

Unknown said...

This is SO amazing. We all have memories of working so hard on these bracelets right before Friendships day!
I love the picture via Jak & Jill. :)

UN-stitched said...

So cute and cool! I love those F21 bangles, and the price tag! Haha, so reminded of girl-hood too.

Anonymous said...

you can never wear enough bracelets <3

Amy said...

SWEET! I so, so, so hope this trend stays awhile! I teach at a middle school and have been making them with my kids all year (and totally rocking them). Now... where to find NEON string? Thanks for the inspiration pics!! Quite the collection!

Piia said...

Those really bring back warm memories! I remember making dozens and dozens of friendship bracelets..I really worked hard on them:D Maybe I should start again..;)


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