Wednesday, April 27, 2011


 I love this collection because of the inspiration behind it. Designer Kaelen Farncombe was inspired by a trip she took in which she went on the hunt to chase tornadoes a la Helen Hunt in Twister. The cool gray, blue, and soft violet hues create a refreshing and chic look. And let's not forget to mention the shoes, now where can I get them?! The collection is available on Shopbop here.

* All image courtesy of Kaelen

3 fashionable comments:

Marie, SWIILPTblog said...

Oh wow, loving everything about this. Casual, comfortable, effortless, and still so chic! Still showing off different curves and lines without being super crazy tight. Sounds like my ideal kind of clothing!

So What If I Like Pretty Things

Unknown said...

These outfits are so stylish, I wouldn't be about to work something like that lol

danielle said...

like it. reminds me a little of helmut lang with the colors and the cuts.
thanks for posting stuff from designers that aren't being written about on 100 other blogs. nice to see some originality! :)

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