Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jil Sander vs. Baggu: Market Bag

Jil Sander, Market striped silk-twill bag, $690

Baggu, Sea Stripe, $8
Jil Sander, Market floral-print silk-twill bag, $740
Baggu, Blue Bloom, $8
Jil Sander, Market acetate bag, $135
Baggu, Carrot, $8

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♥Whiskey-Rose said...

Wow thats ridiculous!! If I was going to spend so much on a bag I would want it to look special and worth the money. I can't believe they want $690 for that green stripey one! x

Sophie in the Sticks said...

I'd def go for the Baggu ones everytime! I prefer the colour of the Baggu stripy one.

Noemi said...

LOL yeah Baggu all the way :)
♥ Noemi
Twitter : @wegotogoback @cruisewithnoemi

Collections said...

I have the baggu ones! They're awesome and much better of a price for something that is such a fad.

Even though the neon colors in that jill sander flower bag are gorgeous, still not worth that much money obviously!

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The white cabbage said...

crazy prices !

Do you really think that someone will buy them?

ciao ave

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ullash said...

These are beautiful!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
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