Monday, December 13, 2010

My Holiday Wish List

"Giselle's Wish List":
All throughout Polyvore wish lists abound:
Ipads, purses, accessories and rings,
Oh there were so many pretty things.
Now, I on my couch searching away
Created a template with images that say
"Here are the presents that I wish that I may
receive on the morning of a bright Christmas day".
With eyes quite dreary and hopes very high
I published my list and let out a sigh.
To the judges of Polyvore may you grant me my wish
Then the Chic in Giselle will not be amiss.
A Canon camera so shining and new
With a Chanel purse would be oh so cool
A YSL ring on my fingers as I type
Would highlight the IPad and all of its might
Nail polish from Chanel and a Camilla and Marc dress
Would help me ring in the New Year with style to impress .--Giselle

7 fashionable comments:

jozefina said...

I wolould like to get for Cgristman Chanel cluch too : )

Anna-Marie said...

nice bloog :)

Larissa said...

i want that ysl ring and the chanel purse <3
cute blog

Esther said...

hey sweet thanks so much for coming by to my blog :) love the comment! it makes me happy :D please come by again anytime!

ps. im now a follower! :) please follow me back? :) XXXX ♥

Ria said...

Love this list, especially since it has a Canon camera on it. I shoot with Canon.

SMD said...

What a cute little song!! All these pics are great, i especially like the camera ;) I'm a new follower, will you come see me?

Angela said...

nice list. i haven't made a list for myself but a pair of new boots will be nice.

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