Thursday, December 2, 2010

Obessions of the Month

  After reading an article in this month's Vogue I was on a hunt to find my new nail polish obsession, Chanel Steel. It would be a nice change of pace from my Essie's Chinchilly gray that I have been wearing throughout the fall. Here's some pictures for your viewing delight:

Chanel Steel Le Vernis, Courtesy of Kujaku

Courtesy of Kujaku

Courtesy of Kujaku
      So while on the hunt for the new shade of Chanel nail polish on my must-have list, I came across a pair of Ray Ban aviators that I had seen on one of my favorite blogs AfterDrk. They are not your everyday type of aviators, and that's why I immediately loved them. I had been trying them on every time I passed a sunglass store, and finally yesterday with a great sale enticing me on I bought them.I believe Sabrina from AfterDrk is wearing the purple shade, and I went and bought the blue shade (which I love so much)!

Courtesy of AfterDrk
Courtesy of AfterDrk
    Here are my new pair of Ray Bans and my new Michael Kors watch:

Had to add some Christmas cheer to the background :)

1 fashionable comments:

Noemi said...

You know I do not really care much for watches however this one I do love on you; great choice!

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